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Rio‘s Marina da Gloria to host Clipper fleet

After experiencing the emotions of saying goodbye to loved ones, untying lines at the start of this 40,000-mile challenge, the fleet will race away from the UK on 31 July with thousands of spectators cheering them on their way. It will be a baptism of fire as the teams navigate their way through the world’s busiest shipping lanes of the English Channel and then head down through the notorious Bay of Biscay to the beautiful island of Madeira.

Following a few days in the European port and an opportunity to make sure the boats are in top condition it’s time for the crews’ first major ocean crossing – the Atlantic.

As the teams depart Madeira the weather will become warmer as they seek the trade winds to take them south towards the Equator. Whilst the trade winds will deliver the boats southwards in a speedy fashion the dreaded Doldrums will soon be upon them with their fickle wind holes and sudden squalls which will test crew patience to the full. The breeze will eventually return but there will be counter currents for the boats to avoid before Brazil appears on the horizon.

Heading into Guanabara Bay the crews will be greeted by the sight of Sugarloaf Mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) looming high over the city. A week long Brazilian stopover awaits and the fleet will be berthed at Marina da Gloria, the same marina which will play host to the sailing competition of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. It is not the first time the Clipper fleet has been hosted by a future Olympic sailing venue, in Clipper 05-06 the fleet sailed into Qingdao for the first time and became the first major sailing event to visit the Olympic Sailing Centre ahead of the 2008 Beijing Games.

After cleaning their boats and performing essential maintenance, the crews will have time to explore everything the exciting and vibrant Brazilian city has to offer, from sunbathing on Copacabana or Ipanema beaches to taking the small train up to Corcovado Hill to visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Ian Takes on the World

On 31st July this year Ian Geraghty will commence achieving the ambition of a lifetime – he will race around the world in a sailing boat. Ian explains in his own words what this amazing challenge will entail:

“When the starting gun goes off for the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race in July 2011 the fleet of ten sleek, stripped down 68-foot yachts will embark on a full circumnavigation of the globe. The racetrack is 40,000 miles long and it will take eleven months to complete the circumnavigation. The race is divided in to a series of eight legs and crews can decide how many of these to compete in. (Ian will compete in all eight.) There are 15 individual races in total contained within the eight legs and (just like in Formula One) points are awarded at the end of each race, building towards a championship total. This means that you can put a poor result behind you and head to the start of the next race with the possibility of gaining maximum points as you lead the field in.

Ian Geraghty

The crew members of each yacht will be pitting themselves against all the elements have to throw at us. It will be a mixture of long, tactical ocean races lasting many weeks, where endurance is tested to the limit and short, technical sprints. Weather will range from virtually flat calms to raging seas and storm force winds, enough to test the mettle of even the bravest of us.

I want to make this journey count, not just for me but for other people too, so I’m raising funds for Sail 4 Cancer. I hope you’ll join with me in supporting them.”

Take a look at Ian’s own website and his blog and sponsor him via this link

Please donate to a great cause, Sail 4 Cancer, via my website

A request to donate to my charity Sail 4 Cancer. I am fundraising for Sail 4 Cancer in the lead up to and during the Clipper Round the World Race. For details of my adventure and a link to the charity page please visit my website Sail 4 Cancer is an organisation that aims to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families who have been affected by cancer. The charity offers a variety of sailing experiences for individuals and their families affected by cancer, the recently bereaved and carers thereby giving them the opportunity to switch off from the realities of everyday life.

Southampton to host start of the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race  

The Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race will start from the historic maritime city of Southampton on the south coast of England on Sunday 31 July 2011.
At 40,000 miles the event is the world’s longest sailing race and will take the ten identical 68-foot ocean racing yachts almost a year to complete their circumnavigation of the globe.

Taking on the elements


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that
you didn’t do than by the ones you did,” Clipper Race Chairman and
Founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to sail solo non-stop
around the world, quotes Mark Twain as another fleet of intrepid
adventurers get ready to start the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht
Round the world crew member, Ben Goodall will be amongst the crew taking on
the planet’s most extreme sailing conditions during the eighth edition of the
world’s longest yacht race.
“I’m looking forward to the whole thing!” exclaims the Clinical Psychologist, who
will log 40,000 miles over the course of his circumnavigation.
“I’ve said to people during training when they’ve asked ‘why are you doing it?’ I
said ‘well growing up there were so many oceans I wanted to experience: the
Pacific, the Southern Ocean; and of course you’ve got the various ports we race
into, that was that decision made.’”
It wasn’t until Crew Allocation that Ben discovered he was a De Lage Landen
crew member and would be racing on board the first ever Dutch entry in the
Clipper Race.
“Crew Allocation was a really good day, really exciting and very well organised
and it was very nice to meet all the crew,” reveals the 30-year-old soon after
completing his Level 1 training course.
“The whole of the training was a fantastic experience and a really good bonding
experience with everybody. We had an excellent skipper and first mate in
Brendan and Vicky and during the week I learnt an awful lot.”
Ben’s Clipper adventure will stretch over eleven months as he races across the
world’s greatest oceans, visiting 13 countries on six continents and forcing his
friends and family to become fixated with all things race viewer related.
“Some of my friends and family think I’m mad and some of them think I’m very,
very brave but everyone has been very supportive and they think it’s brilliant.
“They love the idea of Clipper and they’ve all been watching Against the Tide and
checking the website for news so it’s all very exciting.”

Sponsor Ian’s race across the world for Catch 22

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Ian Geraghty is embarking on a round-the-world challenge in a bid to raise £10,000 for vulnerable young people. The countdown has already begun for the Clipper 2011/12 Round the World Race. The race begins in August this year with ten yachts and their teams setting sail from the UK to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the southern ocean, Java and south China seas and the mighty Pacific. The race track is 40,000 miles long and it will take eleven months to complete. Former Royal Navy Officer, Ian Geraghty hopes to raise £10,000 for Catch22 after meeting vulnerable young people at our South East Training Centre in Hampshire. Support workers at Catch22’s South East Training Centre help with basic literacy and numeracy skills and our programmes help young people to make a positive start into further education, training or apprenticeships. The clock is ticking! So if you would like to donate to Ian Geraghty’s venture around the world, please visit To find out more about the Clipper Race and to follow Ian as he circumnavigates the globe, please

Introducing: Olly Osborne

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Introducing: Olly Osborne

Olly Osborne, Clipper 11-12 Race skipperOlly Osborne is amongst the ten-strong group of intrepid skippers selected for Clipper 11-12

The role of a skipper of one of the yachts in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is a challenge unlike any other. Charged with leading a team consisting of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds in the race around the world, the position requires excellent management skills as well as a vast understanding of some of the globe’s most extreme conditions. South coast sailor, Olly Osborne, is amongst the ten-strong group of intrepid skippers selected for Clipper 11-12.

Olly, 30, from Chichester, is among the line-up of international sailors who have been appointed to the prestigious and challenging position following a rigorous selection process.

Commenting on his selection Olly says, “I couldn’t believe it to begin with, it’s a massive opportunity so I was absolutely delighted.”

Each of the skippers will take charge of one of ten stripped down, 68-foot racing yachts which are preparing to compete in the 40,000-mile challenge, the only global ocean race open to everyone, regardless of background and sailing ability, and the longest in the world.

Olly has been involved with the training of Clipper crew members for the previous two editions of the race and decided that the time was right to throw his hat into the ring and apply for the position of race skipper.

He says, “After watching the boats leave for the last two races I’m ready to take my place as one of the race skippers and lead my crew through an experience none of us will ever forget. I know it’s going to be tough, I expect it to be and I know there will also be so many amazing highs.

“I’m looking forward to completing the first leg and reaching Rio. I think it will be a big confidence booster for everyone as we will have seen the team tested and built into a confident race crew.”

His participation in Clipper 11-12 marks his fifth year of involvement with the Clipper Race, joining the training team after previously working at the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and with disadvantaged young people through The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

Introduced to sailing by his father at a young age, Olly admits a constant affinity with the sea and still holds many happy memories of childhood adventures in small wooden sail boats. His preparations for the race and for his crew, who will be announced on April 30, are already in full flow – as are his plans for his wedding this June.

Planning for the round the world campaign has also seen Olly seek the advice of former race skippers, all of whom have reiterated the extreme level of challenge ahead.

“I think the most demanding part of the job will be keeping everyone excited and focused even when things aren’t going our way and dealing with frayed tempers and frustration when times are tough. We will all have to dig deep to pull through as a team.”

Introducing: Juan Coetzer

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During the second of our detailed looks at the each of the elite skippers selected for the Clipper Round the World Race, we focus our attention on South African yachtsman, Juan Coetzer, who will realise lifelong a dream by leading a team around the world during the Clipper 11-12 Race.

“To be selected as a Clipper Race skipper is wonderful news. A South African friend of mine, Craig Millar, was a skipper in the Clipper 05-06 Race and he knew of my passion to do this and suggested I came over to the UK and give it a try.”

Juan started sailing as a child and was introduced to the sport by his father who took him out on the family’s Halcat catamaran when he was just eight years old.

“We travelled round the country pleasure sailing for many years. One day we joined a local sailing club and I met a skipper there who got me into the racing side of sailing. On our first weekend of racing we came second and from that point onwards I was hooked.

“After racing lots and winning several regattas I took over my father’s boat with my younger brother, Donavan, and we did really well racing together – we even had the opportunity to go to the world championships in Germany which was great.”

It was an easy decision for Juan to make sailing his full time career and as soon as he found out about the Clipper Race he moved to the UK and started working at Clipper’s HQ, first as a training mate and then as a training skipper in order to get the experience he would need to lead a team of sailing novices around the world. His sail training experience coupled with his racing background will make him a force to be reckoned with.

Followers of the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race can look forward to some exciting and exhilarating racing when the event gets underway this August. During the 40,000-mile race the fleet will stop at 15 ports around the world before arriving back in the UK in July 2012. Cape Town will play host to the ten strong fleet in October.

“I’m really looking forward to the race from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town,” says Juan, who has lived and worked in the city.

“Especially the final approach into the bay with Table Mountain visible in the distance. There will be lots of my friends and family there to welcome us in and it will also be great to see some of the boats I used to work on.

“The crews can expect a fantastic stopover there,” he adds. “The people are extremely friendly, the food is great with wonderful steaks and great wine and the city has a really good vibe to it.”

The search is already underway for suitably qualified men and women to follow in the footsteps of these ten skippers in the next edition of the race which will start in 2013 and will be raced on the brand new fleet of 70-foot yachts that have been specially commissioned.

Introducing: Ben Bowley – 11 April 2011

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Ben will skipper Singapore during the Clipper 11-12 Race

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is like no other challenge; it allows people from all walks of life, no matter the level of their sailing experience, the chance to take part in the world’s longest yacht race. Today sees the first of our in depth looks at the newly revealed skippers who will lead the diverse mixture of crew members around the world. First up: skipper of Singapore, Ben Bowley.British sailor, Ben, will skipper Singapore for their fourth entry in the Clipper Race and he is thrilled to have been selected.

“I’m very excited about the challenge ahead and delighted to have been chosen to skipper Singapore. I’m really looking forward to finding out who’s in the crew at the end of this month and starting to build a winning campaign. I am also looking forward to racing into Singapore next February – it’s a fantastic, vibrant city.”

Ben will take charge of the yacht which is again sponsored by Singapore multi-national conglomerate, Keppel Corporation. The race has helped to promote Keppel Bay as Singapore’s premier waterfront lifestyle destination where the Marina at Keppel Bay will play host to the Clipper 11-12 fleet in February 2012.

At 27, Ben is the youngest of the ten international skippers to have been selected for the eighth edition of the race, but his competitive nature should not be underestimated as he boasts a wealth of big boat ocean racing and race coaching experience.

“I feel that my whole sailing career has been leading up to this moment. I am now competent and confident of undertaking such a huge challenge, not just in terms of the physical sailing of the race but of leading an amateur crew,” explains Ben, who has never been far from the water.

“My father was a keen dinghy sailor and I started sailing with him as soon as my mother would allow! At 18 I realised I could make a career of something I am passionate about and have not looked back since.”

Ben is no stranger to challenging racing conditions as he has already competed in some of the most demanding races, including the renowned Fastnet Race. He has been a technical advisor to a BBC documentary about the disastrous 1979 edition of the event and in 2007 was one of just 20 per cent of the entries that finished the race. It is still one of his favourite sailing experiences – but that may soon change.

“One of my greatest ambitions is to take a yacht around the globe, driven hard and fast simply by the forces of nature.

“The day to day challenges of the race serve to prove that with enough determination, hard work and good humour anything is attainable,” continues Ben, who is already looking forward to Leg 3 of the race.

“The Southern Ocean fills me with a huge sense of excitement!

“I can’t wait to get my boat and crew down into what I have heard described as the most beautiful sea-scape in the world and start the downwind sleigh ride to Australia.”

Branded and Blessed

Branded and blessed – 07 April 2011

De Lage Landen, the first Dutch entry in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race
De Lage Landen, the first Dutch entry in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, was formally named and blessed at a ceremony in Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays this week.

Despite the weather being more akin to the kind of conditions the yacht will face on her 40,000-mile marathon around the world, De Lage Landen looked resplendent with her blue livery and pearlescent writing.

As a global provider of asset-based financing programmes, De Lage Landen is using the yacht to unite the company’s offices and employees worldwide. To launch their initiative for the race, the yacht’s naming ceremony was performed during De Lage Landen’s management conference for 50 of the company’s high level employees from around the world.

Clipper Race Chairman, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, was joined on the foredeck by the CEO of De Lage Landen, Ronald Slaats, who said, “We saw in the Clipper adventure a lot of things we can benefit from – the race is like what we do in our day to day business. For De Lage Landen it is very important that we work together as a team and that we have team members who have one common goal

“We are a global company and we have many different cultures and many different nationalities and this is a great opportunity to connect all the cultures and all the nationalities to all the ports and all the countries we will be visiting.”

As part of their partnership with the Clipper Race, De Lage Landen has appointed nine of their employees as company ambassadors, each of whom will get on board for an individual leg of the race.

Sir Robin said, “We’re very excited about this partnership with De Lage Landen because we feel this is trying something a little bit different, this rather exciting initiative of yours where your employees sail on board your yacht and act as ambassadors uniting your people around the world.

“It’s a great pleasure to have you here with us and we’re really looking forward to working with you over the next 16 months.” 

De Lage Landen’s newly appointed skipper, Adam Tuffnell, then invited Ronald to name and bless the boat with a bottle of champagne.

Adam, who has a background in team building has proven a fitting choice to take charge of the new Clipper Race entry and fully appreciates what De Lage Landen is trying to achieve with the partnership.

Adam says, “One of the great things about the Clipper Race is the group of individuals that is brought together and turned into a team and develop as a team and embrace each other in getting round the world safety whilst racing as fast as they possibly can.”

Excitement continues to build towards race start and De Lage Landen’s naming ceremony was one of many exciting events and announcements that are scheduled to take place over the coming months. With the race skippers revealed yesterday, crew allocation at the end of the month and yachts being recommissioned and branded, it’s all starting to feel very real.
Clipper 11-12 Race skippers unveiled